Interim Medical Care

We work with state and non-state orphanages, and various foundations throughout China, and actively seek out orphans who are in need of medical care. As needed, we arrange for the child’s treatment and surgeries by sourcing out the best surgeons and medical care facilities available in Beijing. When the condition is severe, we may look into sending the child overseas for the medical care needed and will fundraise for each child’s medical expenses on a case by case basis.

On occasion, the child’s surgery may be arranged by the orphanage directly, or through other charitable groups, and we help them in their efforts by providing support (transportation to hospitals for appointments or check-in, providing caretakers at the hospital to accompany the child), and a convenient and comfortable place to stay in Beijing. Essentially, we provide the child with an environment where they will thrive after surgery. Blue Sky has a homely environment, and the children are all treated as members of an extended family.

Blue Sky is managed daily by Dr Maria He, a Beijing doctor who took early retirement to join Blue Sky's efforts in helping the children. A long-time, dedicated volunteer for many years, having mostly helped orphans and disabled children, Dr He oversees the medical needs of the children and provides basic caretaking training to our staff. We maintain high standards of hygiene and care. Two of our caretaking staff also have diplomas in nursing.

Our staff will accompany a child in hospital during their stay for surgery or other medical care. They act as temporary parents to the children, and needless to say, loving bonds are formed. We have been very lucky to have found wonderful staff who really care for the children.

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Tian You - our most serious medical case to date. He is currently in Singapore for surgery. Read his blog here.

Since opening in June 2004, the number of children BlueSky has helped as of December 30, 2007


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A Medical Foster Home for Orphans in China