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We expect to have our first residents by 2nd week of June 2004.

June 1st 2004 - The Blue Sky Healing Home is almost ready to welcome kids.

June 7th - the arrival of Ji De, our first resident who hails from Qinghai province.. ..

June 10th - Ji De's 1 month birthday !! Today we also welcomed our second man in the house, Fu Kang, who is 19 months old, and under medication for a mild heart condition.

June 22nd - 3rd resident arrives. Liu Gang is an 8 yr old boy with cerebral palsey. He recently had spinal surgery and foot surgery.

June 28 - 2 new arrivals today. Wen Jie is a 9 month old baby boy born with Hirschsprung's disease. He had surgery to remove a part of his colon. Xiao Ling is a 17 year old girl who will be undergoing eye surgery in Beijing soon. We also had a special visitor today - Zina White is a nurse living in Tianjin who specialises in Ostomy and Wound care, and she gave a training session to us on how to manage JiDe's colostomy !

June 30 - One of our staff is currently accompanying a 3 year old girl in hospital, who just had heart surgery. They will return to Blue Sky next Monday, which will bring our house total to 6 kids, 6 adults. That's 12 mouths to feed ! We finally invested in and installed a new large washing machine, which will bring much relief to Aunty Chui, who has been handwashing so far. We thank her for her patience. We also received an airconditioner donation from Hatsune Japanese Restaurant which we have installed in our rehab/living room area. Thank you Hatsune !

July3rd - another 2 kids joined us today, an almost 2 year old girl, and a 6 year old girl. Both have been selected to undergo spine surgery for their scoliosis next week by a visiting Stanford orthopaedic surgeon. They will be admitted to hospital next week, and upon discharge will stay at Bluesky for recovery and therapy.

July 5 - 11- The past week has seen us taking WenJie to the hospital to learn how to dilate his anus. He will have to endure this procedure twice a day for about 3 months. He is otherwise recovering well, and babbles happily. Ya Tian, our 6 year old with scoliosis had successful surgery on Wednesday, and is recovering extremely well. She may be home tomorrow. Ya Mei, the younger scoliosis girl, will not be having the surgery after all. She has just come out in spots that look like chicken pox, although we were told that she had already had the chicken pox recently. We'll find out more tomorrow

July 12 - 18- Ya Tian is back home and doing very well in her body cast. She is a brave little girl, and fights back the tears when she is feeling uncomfortable. Ya Mei, the younger of the scoliosis girls, has chicken pox and is being isolated from the other children. Ji De, is putting on weight nicely and eats up to 900ml of formula a day !

July 19 - 25- We said "see you later" to Ya Tian, and Ya Mei who have now returned to their orphanage. They are the first to leave BlueSKy, and we will miss them. Liu Gang is doing well in therapy, and Dang Tong is walking around effortlessly, recovering extremely well from her open=heart surgery. She has been opening up to her new environment, and laughs and plays happily. She is only a little upset when she has to wear an electronic chest brace every now and then. Our household count is now at 5 kids.

July 26 - A crazy day ! We welcomed another 3 new residents who arrived early by train with their caretakers. 2 babies born with cleft lip, and a huge 3 year old that has kidney problems. The 2 babies are both under 2months old, and have extremely bad diaper rash skin, and one has horrendous bedsores on his feet. We brought them immediately to the hospital and are treating their wounds. We also brought our dear friend WenJie to the hospital- the cutie with Hirschsprung;s Disease - and we are sad to say that his skin problem turned out to be scabies ! Everyone who has been in contact with him needs to be treated for scabies, which luckily just requires an overnite application of a cream (so not too much torture). But the thought of mites infesting our skin in not pleasant. So now our house has 8 kid s!

July 27 - 30 - wow - Both new babies have now been rejected for cleft palate surgery by the hospital, and the little girl, has tested positive for Hep C, probably passed down from her mother. We are waiting to see blood test reports for the little cleft boy, but hopefully his results are negative. We really want to keep him in our care, and make sure that his wounds heal. Liu Gang has now popped out in chicken pox-looking boils... here we go again.