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Since opening in June 2004, the number of children Blue Sky has helped as of 11-jun-07 :

56 !

A Medical Foster Home For Orphans in CHINA

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Warning! Contains graphic pictures !

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Tania & JiDe -our first Blue Sky baby - When he first came home to BlueSky, barely a month old.

Sumo wrestler WenJie in 2004

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Quick Needs List - updated Nov 2006:

Colostomy Bags for Tian You.

Medical supplies: propax sterile swabs, #8 catheters, antiseptic solutions, 50 ml syringes, diaper creams, cough and cold medicines, rubber gloves

Hand disinfecting gel

Diapers in all sizes & baby wipes

Double Strollers

Electric Heaters for Winter

Volunteers to teach english to our staff

Volunteers for our craft group that make greeting cards and other goodies for sale at fairs to raise funds (in Beijing, Shunyi area).

Locations to sell our craft goods, volunteer sales efforts, buyers ?



Location: Village 1, Ma Quan Ying, Chaoyang, Beijing, CHINA

Healing Home (medical) Unit 110 Tel: +86-10-64346767

Blossom House Unit 208 Tel:+86-10-84302669

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New baby Xiao Yu - had anal opening surgery and a cast fitted on her clubbed foot.

Xiao Yu is one happy camper !
Xiao Mei and her two bottom teeth ! She is returning to Singapore for further surgery on her bladder repair.

Tian You smelling the roses & looking so grown up. He will leave soon for the USA for surgery to save his single kidney from failing from recurrent UTI and reflux.

ZiPing all smiles after his milk feed


We wish to thank the volunteer medical team of nurses and specialists (Gunilla, Astrid, Marie-Ange, Camilla, Ellinor, and Joke) that have worked so hard to get Ziping to gain weight and to keep healthy. Ziping came to us at 18months old, 5 kg, zero muscle tone, and could not swallow any food or milk on his own. We have worked with him patiently with spoon feeding and slowly training him to use his tongue. He suffers from severe constipation and the nurses have painstakingly tried all foods to see which suited him best and helped him gain weight. He has responded well over the months and his overall health has improved. He can now hold his head on his own and has strength to play. He will be 2 years in September 2007.