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To help orphans and children from poor families in need of medical care in China.

For the last 16 years, Blue Sky Healing Home was a small, private medical foster home in Beijing, CHINA. We helped orphans and children from poor families from all over China, receive the medical care and surgeries needed.   Our home provided these children with a loving and clean environment to heal their wounds and nurture their physical capabilities. We provided the one-on-one attention and specialized care needed by the children that most orphanages simply do not have the manpower for. We have assisted many poor families who needed funds, direction and encouragement to help their children.

Children were referred to our home by various foundations or volunteer groups that sponsor surgeries for orphans, or by the orphanages directly. Our outreach efforts also had us visiting lesser known orphanages where we assess children's needs accordingly, and make arrangements for care needed.  Some children come to us post-surgery and simply require extra care while in recovery and follow-up visits to the doctor. Other children required us to make all arrangements for their surgeries, which we try our best to find the best surgeons and hospitals in Beijing.  When the children were admitted into hospital, one of our staff would accompany them throughout their stay, as a parent would.

Blue Sky was founded and is run by Tania Hoahing-Goh, a Singaporean, together with Dr Maria He, from Beijing, and several dedicated volunteers that make up the volunteer management teams. In it's heyday, Blue Sky had 15 full time staff, made up of child caretakers, cooks & cleaners. We mainly relied on private donations from individuals and volunteer groups to keep running and helping more children. Our main expenses at the home were Staff Salaries, Diapers & Infant Formula, House Rentals, Food & Utilities, while other expenses included medicines, hospital fees, transport costs, which varied month to month. Sometimes we had to fundraise for specific children's surgeries that are beyond our limits, but each time we had been fortunate that sponsors came forward to help with the expenses.

With your loving help and support, we have had the privilege to care for more than 200 children.  More than half of them have been adopted through the years into loving families all over the world and thanks to social media, we have been able to watch some of them grow up !  Many friendships have been formed between adoptive families, volunteers, donors, doctors and nurses, and everyone has done their part to make a difference in the lives of these children.  

What's ahead for Blue Sky in 2020?


We would like to inform you that Blue Sky will be taking on a slightly different path as we move into 2020.  Due to government regulations and restrictions, we will no longer be providing in-house care for children at our foster home.  Instead, our core team in Beijing, with Dr Maria He at the helm, will be taking on a liaison role to assist orphanages and poor families with medical treatments in Beijing. This includes care management (pre and post treatment), fundraising for medical fees, transport and accommodation assistance for accompanying caregivers and families.  Blue Sky Healing Home will in essence be losing it’s physical “home” but the “healing” will continue, and we hope to help even more children receive the medical care they need.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you want more information or have specific questions.

Tania, Dr Maria (Chief Medical Director), Lian and Dolly (Volunteer Directors of Blue Sky Healing Home Limited) pictured with our last batch of children who have been adopted or have returned to their state orphanages for further care.

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Blue Sky Healing Home Limited is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong, with IPC (Institute of Public Character) status.




Please do visit our new website above for more information and updates on children we've helped. We can't bear to revamp our 16 year old original website (this one) despite the many kind offers to help with the execution. There's just too many memories here, and while we do know it's a mess, we are sentimental.

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