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Tian You is an orphan baby from China that was born with a severe congenital deformity called Bladder Exstrophy and Imperforate Anus. He was also born with one kidney. He is cared for by Blue Sky Healing Home, a medical foster home for orphans in Beijing, and has had multiple surgeries in Singapore to repair his deformity. Tian You is in need of more surgery. For more information, please email :

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tian You's need for more surgery

Tian You has had a UTI infection almost every month since returning to Beijing post-bladder repair surgery in APril 2006. His infections keep increasing in severity, the most recent one requiring us to admit him into hospital for IV medications and monitoring. TIan You was born with only one kidney, and has had part of his kidney affected by the frequent UTI's. At some point, his kidney may fail, and we may lose this precious boy. We try our very best to keep him infection free, but this is difficult because he needs to have his urine released manually with a catheter every three hours. Our staff diligently do this in a sterile environment, but he is so susceptible. Tian You was also born without an anus, and has a colostomy (where his poop is collected in a bag).
We are currently waiting to hear from Dr Gearhart, an expert in Bladder Exstrophy cases, on the next possible steps for TIan You, and the estimate on costs of sending him to John Hopkins Hospital in the USA. The costs for surgery will be astronomical, but we are trying our best to fundraise for his needs. For more information on the condition, please see this website.


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